The goal of the Pharmacy Innovation Network is to facilitate research that is meaningful to patients, pharmacists, providers, and payers. This includes evaluation of innovative patient care services and patient-centered outcomes. This short video provides more information on who we are and what we do.

All studies conducted through the Pharmacy Innovation Network are reviewed for scientific merit, relevance to pharmacy practice, and feasibility by the Network Advisory Board. Network pharmacies can choose to opt in to a research study where applicable. Not all research studies will be available to every pharmacy within the network. Researchers who seek to implement a study through the network or those with additional questions should contact the Pharmacy Innovation Network at

Active Research

Goal: Create a statewide community pharmacy research network that aligns patients, pharmacists and researchers

Investigators: Kim Coley, Joni Carroll, Melissa McGivney

This project seeks input from community pharmacists and their patients to inform the development of a community pharmacy practice-based research network (PBRN) in Pennsylvania. This network will ultimately provide an innovative way to facilitate research that is meaningful to both patients and pharmacists.

Funding Source: Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)


Goal: Facilitate partnerships between community pharmacy enhanced services networks (CPESNs) and schools of pharmacy

Investigators: Melissa McGivney, Joni Carroll, Kim Coley

This project will create a blueprint and initiate strategic partnerships between CPESNs and schools of pharmacy to facilitate and accelerate community pharmacy practice transformation.

Funding Source: Community Pharmacy Foundation


Goal: Utilize community pharmacy prescription dispensing data to impact opportunities for pharmacist-prescriber collaboration

Investigators: Joni Carroll, Kim Coley, Brandon Antinopoulos, Hannah Renner, Melissa McGivney

This study seeks input from pharmacists and prescribers on the impact of using an infographic to facilitate pharmacist-prescriber collaboration in the care of mutual patients. Each infographic is tailored toward a prescriber and uses prescription dispensing data from mutual patients to highlight collaborative opportunities.

Funding Source: Community Pharmacy Foundation


Goal: Identify early implementation strategies used by Pennsylvania community pharmacists to begin the National Diabetes Prevention Program at their pharmacies

Amber Lapping, Kim Coley, Joni Carroll, Brandon Antinopoulos, Renee Richardson, Katie Doong, Melissa McGivney, Lucas Berenbrok

Pennsylvania community pharmacists who are participating in the NDPP will be interviewed to gain insight on successful implementation strategies.

Funding Source: Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association Educational Foundation


Goal: Develop a case series regarding community pharmacist-provided comprehensive medication management services

Investigators: Katie Doong, Sneha Mitra, Joni Carroll, Kim Coley, Stephanie McGrath, Melissa McGivney

A series of interviews with pharmacists participating in the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network was conducted to describe the complexity of patient care provided at each pharmacy site. Minnesota Health Care Programs Medication Therapy Management Services Current Procedural Terminology codes were used to classify case complexity.

Funding Source: Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association Educational Foundation


Goal: Understand the impact of a medication adherence packaging service on patient-centered outcomes at an independent community pharmacy

Investigators: Cathy Phi, Lucas Berenbrok, Melissa McGivney, Ashley Firm, Lindsey Meston, Joni Carroll, Katie Doong, Kim Coley

This mixed-methods project utilizes a telephonic survey to collect information from patients participating in a medication adherence packaging program. The goal is to assess the impact of this program on the patient experience including medication self-efficacy, independence, and quality of life.

Funding Source: Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association Educational Foundation


Goal: Understand the impact of pharmacist intervention in initiation and completion of hepatitis B vaccination series in patients with diabetes

Investigators: Kim Coley, Lucas Berenbrok, Joni Carroll, Levent Kirisci, Chiara Gessler, Chad Bahl, John DeJames, Renee Richardson

This project will evaluate the impact of an alerting system combined with a face-to-face pharmacist intervention to increase Hepatitis B vaccinations in patients with diabetes.

Funding Source: National Association of Chain Drug Stores


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